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We are a network of professionals in the tourism sector.
Innovation, dynamism and above all the irreverence is part of our DNA.
Many were those who bet on us and joined this project, do the same, be part of REDE-T!

Dezembro de 2018

"Haver plataformas em que possamos encontrar opiniões, fornecedores e os melhores serviços para a nossa área é algo brilhante. “Partilhar” hoje é a palavra do dia, nada faz mais sentido."

Chef Rui Paula

What features and services?


Our platform offers a daily vast range of job offers. The major national and international groups are present in the REDE-T. If looking for your dream job or intend to publish a job offer, this is the right place!


REDE-T offers its members various relevant literature, many of them exclusive and all connected to the tourism sector, hotels and restaurants.


The secret is no longer the soul of business. REDE-T through a simple email allows sharing real-time reliable information among all tourism-related professionals.

In essence, REDE-T is a collaborative and free tool, however, to ensure the sustainability of that we have some unique features to premium members

Obrigado pela iniciativa de juntarem, numa só plataforma, especialistas e profissionais com menos experiência, na partilha do conhecimento e na procura por uma melhor hospitalidade.

Vera Marques, Assistente de Direção @ Lisboa

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