In order to make this whole process of exchange information easier and faster, all the elements of the club should take into account the following points:

  1. Upon a request please mention succinctly and clearly the SUBJECT of the same "subject" of the email (making it becomes much easier to read/identifiy by the remaining individuals of network).
    Requests should be sent to the email address:
  2. Answers to requests must be made with a "reply all" in situations that interest.
    Otherwise or if explicitly requested by the sender, the reply should be sent only to the sender.
  3. Regarding on curriculum vitae (CV) this information is available only online through a database created for that purpose. All professionals interested in sharing your CV should access the site and in your personal area to upload the same. With this solution we avoids the high traffic of curriculum vitae to circulate through e-mail.
  4. Regarding job offers:
    All professionals interested in promoting jobs should visit the website and in your personal area to enter the offers.
    All offers of employment are subject to an approval process, after which they are automatically distributed by email to other members and made available on the website.
  5. To integrate new members in the network, they should fill out the registration form and wait for approval by REDE-T administration.