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More than 300 owners, managers and technologists participated in the Hospitality Women's Innovation Council Survey

The Hospitality Women’s Innovation Council (WIC), a working group of hotel brand executives, managers and innovators, found that only one in five hotel professionals believe the current tech stack is sufficient to help hoteliers achieve efficiencies and cost savings and take care of guests adequately. Meanwhile, 91 percent of survey respondents indicated that better collaboration among technology companies around integrations should be improved, and 86 percent said better integration processes would encourage them to invest more in technology.

The survey was conducted online between May 25 and June 15, 2024 and posed the following questions:

  • How well do you think the current hotel technology stack – PMS, CRS, RMS, housekeeping, maintenance, etc. – serves hoteliers and their guests?
  • Which technologies or solutions are most effective for improving your daily duties as a hotelier or hotel professional?
  • How well do you think different technology providers integrate/collaborate with one another?
  • How important is it that integrations are made more accessible and seamless?
  • How do you believe technology solutions should evolve within hospitality in the future?
  • If integrations were easier, how would this impact your decision to purchase or adopt new technology in the future?

Georgine Muntz, co-chair of the Hospitality Women’s Innovation Council and CEO of hospitality solutions provider Visual Matrix said, “Industry professionals have confirmed that more than any other factor, collaboration is the key to driving better business results for hoteliers – collaboration among technology providers and between the providers and the hoteliers they serve.” She concluded, “When we created the Council close to a year ago, we began with the assumption that women leaders in hospitality can help improve the ways industry professionals collaborate for common ends, and encourage better standardized integrations. Now that assumption has been fully validated. We look forward to sharing the Council’s recommendations on better integration, collaboration and advancing innovation, in the weeks ahead.”

For more in-depth analysis on the survey and its findings, visit here.

Powered by Visual Matrix, the Hospitality Women’s Innovation Council was formed in 2023 to help hotels identify and overcome the most stubborn challenges, particularly the need to improve collaboration across tech disciplines and between technology providers, hotel owners and managers. The group holds quarterly meetings and includes executives from hotel companies, technology developers, AHLA’s ForWard women’s initiative members, and more.


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