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Here are four design ideas that can help your hotel stand out and get noticed by potential guests, without breaking your hotel budget.

Create Instagrammable Spaces

You probably know how effective Instagram and similar image-sharing sites can be in hotel marketing. The visual aspect of Instagram lends itself to promoting hotels, letting you show off your establishment’s best features to an eager audience. Instagram accounts allow interaction in a way that hotel websites don’t. Hotel design creates the perfect opportunity for your hotel to generate free publicity by giving your guests a unique space that they’ll want to share with their followers. As well as investing in distinctive decor for your guest rooms, consider art installations, beautiful gardens, and eye-catching dishes for your restaurant.

Wellness & Luxury

Luxury travelers today are looking for hotel experiences that will allow them to look and feel their best: healthy, rejuvenated, and pampered. As well as beautifully designed spa and wellness facilities, you can extend the feeling of luxury and pampering to your guest rooms through your hotel design. En-suite bathrooms with spa-like amenities such as waterfall showers, whirlpool tubs, and smart bathroom technology help your guests feel special, particularly if they’re well-stocked with top-quality towels and premium toiletries. Guest rooms can be designed to accommodate in-room wellness services, such as massages or private yoga lessons.

Hotel Design and Technology

Hotels today exploit the advantages of technology for operational integration. Hotel technology can make a guest’s stay more seamless while streamlining hotel operations across different hotel departments. Guests can check in or out using a hotel app, make bookings for restaurants and services, and chat with staff or AI assistants. By integrating hotel technology into your hotel design, you can make a guest’s stay more enjoyable. Smart systems keep the temperature at a guest’s preferred level, allowing guests to change the lighting or interact with entertainment systems, and more. Technology can also play a major role in supporting hotel maintenance.

Biophilic Design

“Biophilic” literally translates to “life-loving“. It signifies a holistic approach to architecture and interior design, seeking to create spaces that connect your guests with nature. The principle behind biophilic design is that humans have an innate need to be part of the natural world. By providing this kind of connection, biophilic design can enhance the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of your guests. In practice, biophilic design emphasizes natural lighting and ventilation, natural materials, and rooms that look out or open into beautiful outdoor spaces. It also emphasizes the use of natural forms and colors in hotel design.