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Travel and sleep don’t always intertwine. After all, travelers usually rush from one activity or attraction to the next trying to squeeze in as much tourism as possible. Sleep often takes a back seat to everything else. “I’ll get some sleep when I get home,” people say. According to Travel Agent Central, 63 percent of Americans frequently struggle while trying to get a good night's sleep while on vacation.

Schedules change when you travel, but according to the National Sleep Foundation you can still enjoy your vacation while protecting your sleep. To maximize your sleep quality while on the road, think of light as the most powerful cue for your body clock. Be sure to get some bright light exposure when you get up which will help you feel more energized and alert, and avoid light, such as from your cell phone, and increased activity later in the evening, which can make it harder to wind down and fall asleep.

Although travel is regularly associated with adventure, exploring, sight-seeing and trying new things, often at the expense of a good night’s sleep, travelers are beginning to discover the idea of sleep tourism – going on vacation with the primary goal of getting more sleep. And hotels are dreaming big when it comes to providing guests with the best shut eye possible. From custom sleep experience menus to sleeping in nature and sleep retreats backed with scientific research, here are some of the best options for travelers looking to improve their sleep habits:

Sleep Better in Northern Italy: With the support of Sleep Medicine experts and the supervision of Dr. Med. A. Angerer, Preidlhof, the award-winning wellness resort in Northern Italy, has created a highly personalized wellness program to deepen and transform sleep. The seven day Sleep Better retreat takes advantage of Preidlhof’s generous health and wellness offering and allows guests to find their own personal rhythm when it comes to sleep. Treatments include sleep analysis, where a small device is worn for the duration of a guest’s stay and analyzed on the final day, a sleep massage, dolomitic sleep rituals, acupuncture and sound and quartz classes. Quality of sleep is assessed not just by observing the night, but also in considering the quality of each person’s day, as well as deeper causes that may be hidden in the body. The resort also offers comfy beds on each suite balcony, giving guests the opportunity to sleep under the Italian night sky.

The desert experience is redefined in glamping accommodations. - Selina Agafay


Sleep under the stars at Selina Agafay: An oasis of peace and tranquility in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains, Selina Agafay offers its nomadic clientele the opportunity to sleeping under the stars, a method which has been found to improve sleep quality, relieve stress and enhance mood. The desert experience is redefined in glamping accommodations that feature a premium bed, air conditioning, seating area, coffee station and a private pool in a secluded oasis with endless views. After a restful night’s sleep, guests can take to the skies at sunrise with a hot air balloon ride over sweeping views of the desert or hike through the Atlas Mountains, exploring canyons and venturing up Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak. Selina also offers other unique experiences to elevate sleep in locations around the world including tepees in Selina Tulum and upcycled concrete cylinders in Selina Jaco.

The Spa at Pebble Beach Resorts offers two unique relaxation treatments. Pebble Beach Resorts


Sleep On Cloud Nineteen in Pebble Beach: Guests yearning for a good night’s sleep will find a welcome ally in Pebble Beach Resorts spa. The Spa at Pebble Beach offers two unique relaxation treatments that calm mind and body to bring on the z’s. The Flotation Wrap service nestles spa-goers in a dry flotation bed for a restorative wrap as they float freely in heated bliss. The 45-minute wrap is offered in two options: a Cloud Nineteen Wrap that employs ultra-hydrating Shea butter and jojoba oil infused with the guest’s choice of aromatherapy to quench and soothe skin; and the Espresso Limon Slimming Wrap that pairs a relaxing foot massage with a detoxifying wrap in a blend of South American coffee oil, Italian lemons and Madagascan cinnamon. The Spa’s Restorative Nap service provides guests with a 25-minute rest for the mind, body and spirit through guided meditation.

Provenance Signature Amenities help guests relax. Dossier Hotel


Sleep with Signature Amenities in Portland: Sleep is an essential part of the experience for guests who stay at any Provenance Hotel property, including Dossier Hotel in downtown Portland. Aside from offering travelers a remarkable immersion into Portland’s curated culture, the Benchmark Hotels & Resorts property provides “Provenance Signature Amenities” to relax, engage and inspire guests as well as ensuring they are fully rested in their “home away from home”. Two of the key focuses of the signature amenities are the Sleep Experience and Spiritual Menu. With premium luxury linens and materials from, Mascioni sheets and Simmons Black Label pillow-top mattresses, to a spiritual menu with a diverse library of content that guests can have delivered directly to their room, each property prioritizes a restful and rejuvenating sleep for their customers.

Sofitel MyBed is designed to elevate sleep. Sofitel New York


Sleep in a custom Sofitel MyBed: The Sofitel MyBed was uniquely designed to elevate sleep to new luxurious heights. Celebrated by guests for its exceptional comfort, the signature soft-top mattress is crafted with the highest quality materials to relieve pressure and offer optimal support night after night. Thanks to their popularity among guests at Sofitel, properties such as Sofitel New York, the hotel group has designed a bespoke bed collection, including mattresses, linens and plush pillows which provide customers with the comfort they are accustomed to at any of their properties.


by Roger Sands | FORBES

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