Janeiro de 2024

REDE-T is important because they give the opportunity of learning, employment and sharing knowledge. It is an accessible and updated work tool that allows us to keep up with developments in the bar world. REDE-T includes younger people in its strategy and allows them to learn from bartenders with more experience. REDE-T reflects on sustainability in the bar world.

Lavesh Shrestha



  • 50 ml Vodka Stolichnaya 
  • 20 ml Pineapple puree from Açores (Home made) 
  • 20 ml Apple Licor 
  • 20 ml Elderflower Licor from Serra da Estrela 
  • 20 ml Lime juice 
  • 15 ml Egg white 

Pea shot, strawberry and pineapple leaf

The cocktail I'm going to present was the one I took to the Jovens Talento da Gastronomia Competition. The name is "Dreamer", because we all have a big dream, mine is to become a great bartender, a bartender with talent, creativity, humility, who constantly seeks to learn and create compositions that meet the tastes and expectations of customers. 

Cocktail picture by @humbertophotography

I completed the level 4 Professional Restaurant and Bar course at the Agrupamento de Escolas da Caparica in July 2023. 

I carried out two internships, the first at Pestana South Beach in Alvor and the second at Corinthia Lisbon Hotel. 

When I finished my last internship, i accepted the job offer at the Corinthia Hotel where I currently work. 

In 2023, I signed up for the Estoril Barman Association and I participated this year in the regional cocktail competition, I came in 2nd place and qualified for the National Cocktail Competition. 

At the end of 2023, I participated in Jovens Talentos da Gastronomia bar competition and I won. This competition provides learning, opportunity, projection and friendship. The feedback from the Judges on what we needed to improve was excellent, it allowed me to pay attention to details and improve my techniques. The organization was always ready to help us. I will never Forget this experience: good vibes, good people and good memories. I will always be grateful for being part of this family – Jovens Talento da Gastronomia. 

Lavesh Shrestha