About REDE-T

We are a group of enthusiasts with great passion for the world of tourism and above all with the notion that information sharing is vital to the success of all of us.

REDE-T emerged as an idea in late 2005, when I needed to clarify a question. I sent an email to all my contacts, at the time a small circle of people, linked to the sector, who I knew personally. One forward to another of his contacts and that element was who gave me the answer. From that moment I realized that this mechanism could be a tool for all professionals.

Since that moment, the concept REDE-T was born, which is a working tool for all professionals working in the field, where the fast response along with experience in similar cases is crucial and essential for good performance, either at individually or as a whole.

The big jump came in 2008 after an invitation from Edições do Gosto for the conference "Next Hotel" held at FIL in Lisbon.
REDE-T had a great projection and perhaps began to be seen differently.

In 2012 we took a leap. This undoubtedly the most awaited by all.

The REDE-T is online!